Dead or alive

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For the Misfits album, see Dead Alive! For other films titled Brain Dead, see Brain Dead. The film follows Lionel, a village dweeb living with his mother Vera in a Victorian mansion, who constantly gets into trouble for his relationship with a Spanish shopkeeper’s daughter, Paquita. When a rabid rat-monkey bites Vera, she gradually converts the residents of Newtown into a zombie horde. Since its release, Braindead has received acclaim from critics, with many filmmakers and critics calling it «The Goriest Fright Film of All Time». Sumatran Rat-Monkey, a hybrid creature that resulted from the rape of tree monkeys by plague-carrying rats, out of Skull Island. When he was a child, Lionel’s father drowned trying to save him at the beach, and the incident has haunted him into adulthood.

At her funeral, Lionel tranquilizes Vera to keep her from attacking the mourners, and while returning to the graveyard to administer more of it he is intercepted and beaten by a group of hoodlums, who assume him to be a necrophiliac. During the party, Paquita arrives to try and make amends with Lionel. She discovers the zombies in the basement, and Lionel explains to her all that has occurred. She is able to convince Lionel to administer poison to the zombies to finally kill them, but after injecting the zombies with it he discovers the poison is in fact animal stimulants, which revives them. As Vera corners them on the roof, Lionel confronts his mother and reveals that he witnessed Vera drowning his father and his lover in the bathtub as a child, and accuses her of lying to him all his life.